Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I Have owned my own security business for the past 15 years and have had varying degrees of success in the security industry during that time.  My Company did various large projects but mainly stayed in the domestic security arena.  Ive successfully overcome Alcoholism, Porn and Sex addiction, but the one thing that I never did look at, was his childhood.

The addictions remained until I one day heard men talking about their pain and feelings relating to their childhood Sexual abuse.
This was the first time Ive had ever heard men talking about the fact that they had been Sexually Abused.
It was really a shock to me, hearing these men talking about what had happened to them as children, I  knew that it had happened to me but I had buried those memories so deep in the back of my mind that you could not have removed them with a pry-bar
The men spoke about the effects that their abuse had had on their lives, and that's what was most intriguing to me.
I had lived my life so afraid to touch my daughter, because society had told me that because I was abused, I would go on to be an abuser.  So sad that the world had decided what I was with out even trying to find out.
Once I had watched these men talking about their lives, mine fell apart.
I started to get Flashbacks, body memories, and the most painful things started to come out, things that I had forgotten or at least thought I had forgotten.
This was the beginning of my recovery.
It was during this time that I was faced with a choice, Live or Die. There were no other options available to me at that time, and I remember looking up and saying Lord If I survive this I want to help other men recover from this and know that they are not alone."
Well I survived, overcame and moved on to establish MatrixMen, this is what I do to give back to the men that have also survived sexual abuse.
To date I have spoken to school children and various organizations, including psychological groups and other Survivor groups in the quest to raise awareness about the issue of Male Survivors.
My greatest ambition is to raise awareness around this issue and to bring hope to the hopeless.